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Everyday Delight

Psalm 37:4

Delight yourself in the LORD and He will give you the desires of your heart.


Dear Jesus,

I don’t know what exactly I have done to merit the good things that greet me each waking day. All I know is that by accepting You and letting Your love flow into my veins, I am able to recognize and appreciate the miracles around me.

I thank You for now and all the great days ahead!

Love, GDV

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An overseas worker’s everyday prayer

Dear Jesus,

May my heart be full of praise as I pray to you each day.

I boldly come to Your throne, for my task is like Your very own.

I know You were a loving Son, but still left home for Your mission.

As I travel far from those I love, fill me with Your grace above.

Help me to be filled with gratitude, doing each task with a positive attitude.

Stay with me in my times of loneliness

With good, true friends, all my days bless.

Thank you for this service I render

For my family and homeland from January to December.

Bless my employer and my coworkers too

May we be good ambassadors in all that we do.

Thank You for all the things I learn, and not only for the wages I earn.

In a new culture and a new way of living,

May I only adapt in my life, the good things.

For challenges I face and need to fight

Give me strength to always do what’s right.

That I be a good example, may it be so

And to deserve my country’s call to be a modern-day hero.

While I’m far away, keep safe those at home

Be my presence there, wherever I may roam.

Help us keep in touch and preserve our ties,

Guide all our decisions with Your Word so wise.

Infuse in me the joy of spirit to share 

To be a light in the places where faith is rare.

Bless my country so far away,

With peace and progress ’til I return one day.

Until that day I set foot on my land

Keep us secure in the palm of Your hand.


Love, Gee

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Independence, Dependence, Security

Jeremiah 29:11 

11 For I know the plans I have for you,” declares the LORD, “plans to prosper you and not to harm you, plans to give you hope and a future.


Dear Jesus,

Have I ever gone broke? I did. Just recently.

I was unemployed for two months. And for two months I have tried to live on a strict budget to be able to stretch the fund I brought with me. Personal budgeting was actually an entirely new concept for me since I didn’t have to do it in the past. No, I wasn’t rich. I just felt I have always had enough.

At the start, I felt good about myself. I had been able to live within my weekly budget and many times I have resisted the urge to shop. I was doing fine. But when I was down to my last 200 USD, I felt a strong, numbing feeling in my gut. I began to panic. How in the world will I be able to afford my rent that’s due in two weeks? At that time, I knew that I should stop worrying and just put my trust in You. But the human side of me was beleaguered by plans and strategies to augment my finances.

Adding to my misery was when I had to purposely miss a good friend’s wedding in Manila to conserve my resources. I was in great envy looking at the photos of my bestest friends who were present in that event. I have long looked forward to fly to Manila for a short visit to see my family and friends whom I terribly missed.

However, giving up and returning home never became an option. There was something in me that strongly believed that it was You who brought me here for a purpose. I kneeled and recited three novenas each night hoping that the Lord will grant me a job. Just a job. I was discouraged enough not to even pray for the job criteria I have earlier set. Lord, I just need a marketing job that will pay X amount per month. Bahala na.

But the job did not come. So I prayed harder. I cried my heart out. Earnestly telling You how my unproductive day went, how bad it felt not being able to afford a massage and a salon “me time,” how tired I was walking because cabs became too expensive for me, that I missed accomplishing a challenging project other than household chores.. And so on. But still, at the end of every prayer, You never failed to comfort me. You embraced my heart and told me You are here with me throughout the journey and the struggles. The next day, You used my mom to inspire me even more with this message:

“Now is the time for you to relax and enjoy yourself. You’ve been working too hard. Use this time to do the things that you love because when you start work, you’ll be busy again and you won’t have time to do these things.”

I told mom, “But I can’t afford it.”

And then she said (in verbatim), “Maybe you should focus on activities that will not require you to spend. Sleep all you want. Run. Sabi ni papa, magpapayat ka daw. Go back to your old weight” [Ouch.]

You were right. I have been too pampered and too secured by being able to “afford” my needs (and wants). After that I began to ponder on the priceless things that really made me happy without spending a single centavo. My relationship with my family took an improved form while my relationship with my newfound friends in the community developed. Things went from “ok” to “great” despite not having a job, still. I began to appreciate the little miracles You send me every day.

I admit that there were still times that agony got the better of me. But it was also during those times that I have felt Your presence the most. I remember just taking a long deep sigh and whisper to You:

“Lord, I will forever remember this time. Thank You. THANK YOU.”

A week after, I was already sold to the idea of withdrawing from my time deposit or borrowing money from my parents. But before I could utter a word, my mom told me that my former company had emailed her about my last paycheck. The amount was 3x than what I have expected– more than enough for 2 months worth of rent + living expense + “pamper me” day. Also in that week, I had received a call for a job offer.

The blessings have definitely outweighed my worries. And to this day, I am glad to have stuck with You throughout my endeavours. If I am to summarize all that I have learned in those two months, it would be these three words: Independence, Dependence, Security.

Thank You Jesus for these life-defining lessons. I am now confident that whatever location, season, or situation I’m in, as long as I have Your love and the grace that comes with it, I will be more than just fine.

Love, G!

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The Journey to a Perfect Love

Dear Jesus,

Early this year, I have decided to leave a highly stable job to fulfil a dream… The move may have seemed abrupt, but I was 100% prepared for a total lifestyle shift. Using my hard-earned savings, I flew to Singapore with a luggage full of hope and excitement on my new career adventure. I was willing to go unemployed while I figure out exactly what to do, whether to start a new career or do the same but with an entirely new industry. Little did I know that while You were keeping me interested on this adventure, You were preparing me for something even greater.

It has been four months since I have relocated in Singapore. It has also been four wonderful months since I have joined the Light of Jesus Family. So far, things have been far greater than what I have imagined.

Two Saturdays ago, I have been anointed to be the service head of the Media Ministry of Light of Jesus Singapore. I very well said yes to Your invitation since it involves things that I am passionate about: Writing and Sharing of Personal Experience. Likewise, I see this ministry as an avenue to tell the world about how fascinating my life is with You actively participating in it.

As I press my fingers against every letter key in my laptop, my mind toils with alot of things I plan to write. My mind is ecstatic as it cannot contain the happiness I am feeling now. My love tank is full and it’s all because of You.

I am dedicating this web space to You. Let it be filled with personal reflections and insights that will hopefully touch someone’s life. Allow me and my friends to write stories about Your great love and how it continues to exist in our hearts. Please give us the strength and the wisdom to fulfil our mission. We pray that in our own little ways, we will be able to share this love to every being we will encounter in this journey.

Love, G!